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Re: [Fwd: Please Read This]

Poster: Brenna <sunnie@exis.net>

Mario M. Butter wrote:

> Poster: "Mario M. Butter" <mbutter@tower.ml.org>
> Name of town and reference to newspaper article; without either of these
> it's an URBAN LEGEND.
> Mario

If you care to call the lady in question a liar, then do.  Not I.  Besides,
the cynic in me sees that some "urban legends" are not exactly that.  Good
marketing strategy involves keeping it out of court.  When the child goes to
the hospital, the mother just reports that she was bitten by water moccasins.
They don't ask where or how...they just treat.  Who knows?  If mom takes the
money and keeps quiet, who is around to alert the press?  Where is the story?
Even her lawyer keeps his mouth shut for the money, and he's the only one who
knows in the first day after the accident.  Good marketing...one of the first
things taught in the classes I took on it.  Rumors kill businesses, and even
the competitor wants it squelched.  The reason?  Even if that Mc Donald's was
the only case, it'll be a dozen by next week and it will be Wendy's by next
month and Burger King by the month after...the one down the street from you in
a year (all by word of mouth).  As for where, I can tell you that she lived in
both Orlando and Miami while her son was young.  She never specified the
place.  I can try to reach her when she comes back from vacation.  But, I will
tell you that a woman who is a little embarrased by the fact that she still
feels guilty for being relieved that the little girl went in before her son
wolfed down his happy meal and got there first strikes me as a pretty reliable
source...just a mother thing, I guess.


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