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Re: Suspension of Certain Combat Arrows

Poster: EmberNAsh@aol.com

I have just spent months preparing myself to become combat archer authorized.
I have built or purchased my armor spending much time, money and effort on it
and am quite proud of the results.  After much consideration I found the
perfect crossbow and bought it at the most recent Gulf Wars.  I painstakingly
and lovingly mass produced my own bolts out of of wood, blue fletching,
strapping tape and baulder blunts.  I had planned to authorize within the next
month or so.  My lord very much enjoys his fighting...and I wished to "get in
on the fun" also, as the Society to us a family affair.  But now I am at a
loss as to what to do.  From my understanding, when you authorize your weapons
are inspected.  Does this mean that I have to frantically produce another type
of bolt for me to authorize with?  Or do I just wait, possibly for months, for
the dust to settle so I can authorize with the proper type of arrows?  I more
than understand the safety concerns that are at issue here.  I would never
want anyone to be injured seriously by a bolt fired from my crossbow.  But if
there was such serious concerns over bounce back in the past, why was this not
widely known?  I for one had no idea that this was such a problem and now feel
like I have had the rug pulled from under my very feet.  

Lady Caitriona
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