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Re: Suspension of Certain Combat Arrows

Poster: CGScoop@aol.com

I have to admit that I have always been somewhat skeptical about any CA arrow
with a "normal" nock.  The first thing I thought was "gee, that pointy end
could go right through the grill on my nice new helm."  I have a feeling that
the only real solution is going to be either banning all non-golf-tube arrows
(yuck) or requiring some sort of eye protection.

As to whether an eye protection rule should be mandatory, there should be no
debate.  Our rules are there to protect fighters from serious injury.  In
fact, when I tell people about heavy fighting, one of the first things they
ask is "is it safe?"  Thanks to our rules, I can tell them that we have fewer
serious injuries than high school football.  This usually gets the person in
question to either show an interest in fighting heavy or to at least respect
what we are doing.  To make a rule like eye protection "optional" would seem
to be lessening its importance and therefore giving a false image of what is
involved in heavy fighting.

William of Falestone
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