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Re: Fuss and Bother about Certain Combat Arrows

Poster: rmhowe <magnusm@ncsu.edu>

Okay folks, consider for a moment that it is possible for one to get
injured in one eye and by infection, viral or otherwise, lose sight
in _both_ of them. It damn near happened to me, the infection lasted
8 months. It entered through minor scratches to one eye and spread
to both of them.

Over the years, at work and play, I had about 4 eye injuries requiring
treatment. Working in shops for a living I got struck a number of 
times with various objects ranging from a bar clamp end attached to 
a cabinet someone flipped, to someone else's bolt flying away 
from a grinding wheel, to my exacto knifeblade breaking and shattering
my left contact lens dead center into 6 pieces, metal chips twice, 
knots in boards shattering while being tablesawed, hot molten metal
spray while casting, and splattered sticky hot plastic being welded.
Some of these were caused by other folks. Some processes just looked
safe at the time and would have been called freak accidents I suppose,
like the shattered knife blade - no moving machinery. 

Geez, I sound a bit like His Grace, huh? Too old to be a poster child
though for dumb eye accidents.

Guess who wears _polycarbonate_ lenses now? I would have been blinded
without them several times. Even with them things got by. But some
didn't which is why I still have sight. Where I could wear contacts
before the infection, I can't now because it affected the amount
of fluid my eyes produce. Eye injuries are very painful. Some eye
infections are very difficult to treat.

Vivats to the guys who trim the limbs before the woods battles.

Personally I hate golftube arrows. I'd rather see you use blunts.
I'd like to see Atlantia continue with more realistic combat archery.
Consider some better eye protection for the archery battles.

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