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Re: eye protection opinional

Poster: "Michael Ruttle" <mruttle@xperts.com>

>> Poster: rhiannon of berra <rhiannonofberra@mindspring.com>
>> Iif we require or request the heavy fighters to wear additional
>> protection at SOME events so we can play too puts an unfair burden on
>> them.

I've been following the discussion for some time now. 

Speaking as "a" heavy fighter with eye slots just inside minimums, if you
let me know there is a minimal danger of getting poked in the eye, I'd
probably make a judgement call much like I did when deciding whether or not
to wear safety glasses in the woods.  Either I will or I won't.  

Those cheap white plastic glasses that look like those worn by some senior
citizens are literally $3. 

Of course they're plastic. ;-)

Rules say I must wear hardened knee protection but doesn't say I need leg

If fighters know there is going to me combat archery, it won't be bad to
remind people in the event fliers that the CAM recommends eye protection.

Works for the Surgeon general and cigarettes.

Lastly, if it's the nock that's doing the damage, shouldn't we be looking
more into fixing THAT than the blunt? Gorm's web site reference seems have a
reasonable solution. (yes I read it over lunch)


Colin G
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