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Re: Fuss and Bother about Certain Combat Arrows

Poster: "David Ritterskamp" <jonnyb70@hotmail.com>

>Ok, valid point, but at 10' (minimum range) I've seen coneheads bounce
>back too, especially when hitting a shield or solid breastplate (shield 
>usually the worst-even flat surface... no place to glance)  But if 
>going to ban baldars because of an injury where the *shaft* of the 
>was the problem (fitting through the grill), maybe we ought to look at
>ways to improve the *shaft* of the arrow, or perhaps the nock.
>The problem is physics.  That's something we can't fix, at least, I 
>as heck can't fix it.  :)  No matter what you use as a blunt, its going 
>bounce off.  Period.

[Morgan, I take exception to your contention that "no matter what you 
use as a blunt, it's going to bounce off."  I designed a combat arrow 
that pretty much completely hits and drops to the ground.  It's called 
the Thumper.  It uses a hard plastic cap and a progressive resistance 
padding behind it.  It's ridiculously simple to make.  Its main drawback 
is that it is attached to a golf club tube.  They used them last year at 
Estrella and by all reports loved them.  Thumper arrows are about as 
safe a thing as you can put into the air.  The problem lies with the 
fighters that figure they ought to be allowed to block them with their 
swords, since they fly so much slower than your average wood shaft.  The 
archers weren't getting any acknowledgement with regular GCT's, so you 
could make an argument that the heavy fighters themselves are 
responsible for the current state of affairs with the arrows.]


Ld. Jonathan Blackbow
Clan O'Shannon
"Good...bad...I'm the guy with the gun."
-Bruce Campbell, "Evil Dead III: Army of Darkness"

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