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[Fwd: Suspension of Certain Combat Arrows]

Phillip sent this to me, but intended it for the list.

---- Begin included message ----

There is no "supposed" testinmonial. There was a real and potentially very
serious incident. Followiing that incident, the KAM tested the weapon in
question himself, and has eveidently collected enough empirical data that he
is concerned for the welfare of Atlantians. There is a flaw in the weapon,
folks, or at least someone we trust and respect has good enough reason to
think so that he has asked us to suspend usage untill he collects still more

Remember, this is an archer telling us this may be unsafe. I assume he also
has a sizable investment in the materials in question. Let's ask him how we
can help collect more data points instead of second-guessing him.

Yo, Stefan. You need a target or something?

---- End included message ----