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Combat Arvery and baldar blunts

Poster: rhiannon of berra <rhiannonofberra@mindspring.com>

As a newly authorized CA fighter (this past Kingdom's Crusade); I too
have spent a great deal of time and energy getting ready to authorize
and fight.  My lord and I spent countless hours making my arrows.  We
couldn't afford the baldar blunts, so we found some instructions on
making a different type of arrow head, which takes a bit more time to
construct than the baldar blunts.

My lord is also a heavy fighter.  My opinion, for what it's worth is
that if my arrows or another type of arrows should raise enough concern
about safety issues then they should be removed until a suitable
replacement can be found or until further testing is done to be sure
that the possibility of injury isn't as prevalent as was once thought.

Iif we require or request the heavy fighters to wear additional
protection at SOME events so we can play too puts an unfair burden on
them.  To require or request that everyone use mesh inside their helms
in case of bounceback seems to be a bit of an overkill solution.  If we
ask them to do so, I believe we will see less and less CA at events and
that would be an even worse situation than what we have now.

Duke Stephan and everyone else is trying to look out for the safety of
those we play with, which isn't a knee-jerk reaction, it's the
RESPONDIBLE thing to do.

for what it's worth...which probably isn't much.

rhiannon of berra
Caer Mear's one and only archer

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