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Re: Combat Arvery and baldar blunts

Poster: Donald Wagner <polearmed@att.net>


rhiannon of berra wrote:
> Poster: rhiannon of berra <rhiannonofberra@mindspring.com>
> Iif we require or request the heavy fighters to wear additional
> protection at SOME events so we can play too puts an unfair burden on
> them.

I disagree.  With the advent of combat archery in this kingdom, the
level of battle intelligence and dedication to success has risen
significantly.  CA has also brought us closer to "authentic" making it
more real for us and teaching us what it might have really been
like(isn't that our purpose?).  Did you hear the ooooohs, aaaaaahhs, and
gasps at Crusades when the first flight of arrows was shot like a
hailstorm?  That was supercool!  Eye protection isn't so significant a
requirement that I would call it "an unfair burden" on the heavies. 
Many have already stated their willingness to do that, rather than lose
CA or go to those damned golf tubes.

> To require or request that everyone use mesh inside their helms
> in case of bounceback seems to be a bit of an overkill solution.

I think that once testing is finished, the requirements for eye
protection, if any, should be placed on the individual.

> If we
> ask them to do so, I believe we will see less and less CA at events and
> that would be an even worse situation than what we have now.

I really don't want this to happen.

> rhiannon of berra
> Caer Mear's one and only archer

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