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Society Hoofbeats

Poster: jessica mikell <stu12019@aug.edu>

     Attention Equestrians and Horse Enthusiasts!  There is a new SCA
newsletter that may interest you.  Society Hoofbeats - the newsletter of
the office of the Society Deputy marshal for Equestrian Activities, is a
new society-wide newsletter devoted to the Horse in the SCA.
     Society Hoofbeats will be published quarterly (paper format) and is
intended as a venue for a wide variety of material: from the latest news
from the Society Euqestrian Officer and IKEqC up-dates to Euqestrian
How-To and research articles.  The first edition is scheduled to be
published in late January with subsequent issues in the second half of
the months of April, July, and October.  anyone wishing to contribute
artwork and/or articles please contact the Chronicler, Lady Isabeau
Pferdebandieger (address listed below), for material deadlines and
permission form information.  Subscriptions will be $10.00 (US) for 1
year for U.S. and Canadian addresses and $15.00 (U.S.)  for 1 year for
all other addresses.  Subscriptions will run within the calendar year.
Subscribers who subscribe at full price later in the year will receive
all back issues for the year as fullfillment of their subscription -OR-
for pro-rated subscription send $2.50 per remaining issue for U.S. and
Canadian addresses or $3.75 per remaining issue for all other
addresses.  Because all newsletter funds must go through an SCA account,
the Middle Kingdom Equestrian College has been kind enough to share
their account and exchequer with us.  Therefore all subscription shcecks
or money orders should be made out to: SCA, Inc., Middle Kingdom
Equestrian college with the words "Society Hoofbeats Subscription" in
the memo line.  Send to:
Society Hoofbeats Chronicler
Attn: Karen Stegmeier, 1345 N. Kickapoo Rd.  Attica, IN  47918
questions regarding material may be addressed on email at:

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