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Re: Solution of Combat Archery Problem

Poster: Eli White <eliwhite@home.com>

Included below was the WONDERFUL report sent in by Lord Robert.  Detailing
the actual report of when Baldar Blunts were recommended to the KMA ...

This report obviously mentions some problems that were indeed found, with
suggestions to fix these problems.

What my question then becomes is:  "Why has noone heard of these things
until now?"  Included below it mentions that it is reccomended for the
fighters to wear eye protection.  I was never told such a thing, and in
fact, was told that Baldar's were "perfectly safe", since they dropped
without rotating when impacting.  This is obviously not the case as it told

The 'warnings' mentioned below, are exactly what caused the situation, yet
these warnings were not either (a) admended to the rules of using a Baldar
Blunt (ie, they didn't think they were needed), and (b) For that matter,
not told to anyone so that they might know.


Siegfried Sebastian Faust

>	Ultimately a final report was sent to Lady Dealla and  the KMA. The only
>problems that were not corrected during the testing were common problems
>with any prefabricated head. One, when shot straight on against a flat
>surface there was a bounceback 10% of about 5-7 ft. No rotation of the
>arrow at all. Two, when fired against a flat surface from a close range ..
>10 ft or less.... at an angle to the target of < 30 degrees, the head grips
>to the surface causing the shaft to  "whip" around and the nock to slap up
>against whatever is next to the target... usually with enough force to
>break the nock off.
>	Modifications to help reduce these problems are.. one, tape a circle of
>pipe insulation ( closed cell foam ) to the head.... not much about 1/8
>inch thick does the trick. This allows for more absorption at point of
>contact thus reducing rebound energy. Two, use of soft plastic nocks that
>will bend easier and are not as sharp in case of penetration into a helm.
>Three, steaming the soft nocks and forming then into a V shape allowing for
>some padding to be glued to the tips of the V and giving more opportunity
>for the nock to catch on a the barwork of the helm. Four, having full
>fletch four feather arrows... say that five times fast... You can do this
>by buying uncut feathers and just cutting the length to 4 inches and
>fletching your arrows. This allows for more drag and the feathers will give
>some resistance to any bounceback that goes into the barwork..... granted
>it will not stop the arrow but it will slow it down so there is less impact
>energy for the nock.... this fletching style also makes the arrow sound
>like a rocket in flight.. cool sound effect.... scared the hell out of me
>the first time I heard it. Five, accessorize your combatants by requiring
>some form of clear eye protection and mouth piece.. or wear a cloth over
>the lower part of your bar work. 

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