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Re: Solution of Combat Archery Problem

Poster: "Robert Skidmore" <tuathaan@groupz.net>

To all the good gentles of Atlantia does Ld. Robert the Forgotten of
Foxmoore send greetings.... 
	After reading Sir Kai's comments below I have to agree to some of what he
has said. For those who do not know me I have been an archer marshal for
the kingdom and a CA for over 10 years. I currently have picked up the
blade and the sword. I have experienced just about every combat arrow in
existence from markland to bird blunt. That is why when I was approached by
Sir Jon the Society archer marshal to test the Baldar blunts during their
development 3-4 years ago I was more than honored and happy to. The baldars
were tested by other archers throughout the known world and myself for nine
months with input from a physics professor at the university of Miami who
is an archer before being accepted into the SCA ,and in Atlantia as
experimental weaponry. 
	Ultimately a final report was sent to Lady Dealla and  the KMA. The only
problems that were not corrected during the testing were common problems
with any prefabricated head. One, when shot straight on against a flat
surface there was a bounceback 10% of about 5-7 ft. No rotation of the
arrow at all. Two, when fired against a flat surface from a close range ..
10 ft or less.... at an angle to the target of < 30 degrees, the head grips
to the surface causing the shaft to  "whip" around and the nock to slap up
against whatever is next to the target... usually with enough force to
break the nock off.
	Modifications to help reduce these problems are.. one, tape a circle of
pipe insulation ( closed cell foam ) to the head.... not much about 1/8
inch thick does the trick. This allows for more absorption at point of
contact thus reducing rebound energy. Two, use of soft plastic nocks that
will bend easier and are not as sharp in case of penetration into a helm.
Three, steaming the soft nocks and forming then into a V shape allowing for
some padding to be glued to the tips of the V and giving more opportunity
for the nock to catch on a the barwork of the helm. Four, having full
fletch four feather arrows... say that five times fast... You can do this
by buying uncut feathers and just cutting the length to 4 inches and
fletching your arrows. This allows for more drag and the feathers will give
some resistance to any bounceback that goes into the barwork..... granted
it will not stop the arrow but it will slow it down so there is less impact
energy for the nock.... this fletching style also makes the arrow sound
like a rocket in flight.. cool sound effect.... scared the hell out of me
the first time I heard it. Five, accessorize your combatants by requiring
some form of clear eye protection and mouth piece.. or wear a cloth over
the lower part of your bar work. 
	Recommended for the shafting was strapping tape no matter wooden or
fiberglass. Fiberglass was recommended over wood due to the reduced chance
of shaft breakage on the field.
	Another suggestion was to just allow for the formation of a crossbow
corps. The shorter shaft and the elimination of a nock. greatly reduce the
chance of bounce back and if the bolt is capped eliminates the chance of
facial lacerations.
	There is more technical information in the report along with comparison
shooting with marklands, golf tubes, bird blunts, coan heads, and thistle
missiles. But it is even boring to me....
	I hope that this information is helpful to someone. It is very confusing
at times and takes the patients of a saint to get anything progressive
done. I wish Stephan all the best but I will still stand by my decision to
surrender my warrant as an archer marshal for the Kingdom of Atlantia after
10 years and my position as Ld. Stephans southern Deputy. I am to old and
poor to continue to put money into an endeavors that can be eliminated over
one regrettable yet extremely rare incident.
A simple sword and shield for me now.

In Service to the Dream,
Ld. Robert the Forgotten of Foxmoore, CGD
Yew Bow	

> ----------------------------------------------------------------------
> >To all and Sundry, from Count Kai de Ravenglas, Knight(obviously a heavy
> fighter), rapier fighter, archer of some ability and combat archer(when
> bug hits me).
> >
> >	It bothers me to hear (or read, as the case may be) this much
> consternation over what may be a temporary suspension of the baldar
>  If the injury is real, which I do not doubt,(I merely have no personal
> knowledge of it) and the circumstances warrant further investigation,
> it does, then Stephan really has no choice but to suspend their use until
> such time as he is convinced that the incident is isolated and not likely
> to be repeated.  The quantity of whining that has occurred here is
> ludicrous.  
> >
> >	However, there are solutions to the problem.  The combat archery
> community may find them less than satisfactory, however.  
> >
> >	1.)  Ban combat archery from heavy melees.  An extreme solution, but
> that eliminates that particular danger to heavy fighters.  I would favor
> that solution before I would agree to any change in the requirements for
> the fighters to participate in melees.  The fighters should not have to
> change their armor to allow combat archers to particpate in *Their* game.
> >
> >	2.)  Go back to golf tube arrows.  Nuff said.
> >
> >	3.)  Wait for the Kingdom Archery Marshal to do his job.  If it turns
> that the incident is isolated, you'll be back to using them shortly.  If
> they *Do* prove to be a hazard, all the discussion in the world won't
> them in use.  Oh, and by the way, Stephan  and his lady wife have a
> significant investment in their own archery gear, which, if I am not
> mistaken, includes a substantial number of baldar blunts.
> >
> >	In conclusion, wait, watch and don't whine!
> >
> >Kai
> >
> 		"If you don't stand for something, you'll
> 		fall for anything."
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