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Solution of Combat Archery Problem

Poster: "Richard A. Wilson" <ravenglas@mindspring.com>

>To all and Sundry, from Count Kai de Ravenglas, Knight(obviously a heavy
fighter), rapier fighter, archer of some ability and combat archer(when the
bug hits me).
>	It bothers me to hear (or read, as the case may be) this much
consternation over what may be a temporary suspension of the baldar blunts.
 If the injury is real, which I do not doubt,(I merely have no personal
knowledge of it) and the circumstances warrant further investigation, which
it does, then Stephan really has no choice but to suspend their use until
such time as he is convinced that the incident is isolated and not likely
to be repeated.  The quantity of whining that has occurred here is
>	However, there are solutions to the problem.  The combat archery
community may find them less than satisfactory, however.  
>	1.)  Ban combat archery from heavy melees.  An extreme solution, but one
that eliminates that particular danger to heavy fighters.  I would favor
that solution before I would agree to any change in the requirements for
the fighters to participate in melees.  The fighters should not have to
change their armor to allow combat archers to particpate in *Their* game.
>	2.)  Go back to golf tube arrows.  Nuff said.
>	3.)  Wait for the Kingdom Archery Marshal to do his job.  If it turns out
that the incident is isolated, you'll be back to using them shortly.  If
they *Do* prove to be a hazard, all the discussion in the world won't keep
them in use.  Oh, and by the way, Stephan  and his lady wife have a
significant investment in their own archery gear, which, if I am not
mistaken, includes a substantial number of baldar blunts.
>	In conclusion, wait, watch and don't whine!

		"If you don't stand for something, you'll
		fall for anything."
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