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Re: Combat Arrows Solution (silly)

Poster: "Gene Bonar" <eogan@mindspring.com>

Greetings all my friends,


Seriourly, will everyone calm down.  It is Lord Stefan job to err on the
side of safety.  I am not privy to his personal mail but I understand from
his Lady Wife that alot of you have been unduely harsh.  Stop it.  The
pressure you are putting him under is unfair.

He will probably be done with the study before we start fight again next

I think it would be purdent then to table thiis discussion until Stephan is
done with his evaluation.

Finally, the study of baldars was done before Stefan was the Kingdom Archer
Marshal and before Duke Richard was the Earl Marshal.  I don't think nearly
enough of testing was done with baldars mounted on fiberglass shafts.
Everyone was so thrilled with having a arrow with an unbreakable, that the
arrows were rushed into use with too short an experimental phase.  I feel
Stefan is correcting that issue.

And BTW my opinions are my own, I don't speak for Stefan or the marshallate.

Eogan the curmungeon, archer, archer marshal, and one who is honored to call
myself Stefan's friend

>My solution:
>1) Cover the heads of the blunts with a layer of Velcro
>2) Make all combatants wear felt tabards and cover their shields in felt as
>this will
>1) eliminate bounceback entirely
>2) make it impossible for archer-haters NOT to call the shot
>3) cut post-combat arrow collection time by at least half..
>-David ben Sarkel ha-Kuzari

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