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A Knight at the Races

Poster: John & Linda Elliott <drjnl@scescape.net>

I would like to thank all the gentles who braved the inclement weather
to attend Border Vale Keep's first racing event this weekend.  It was
very exciting to watch the horses and hounds perform and the fighters
certainly seemed to enjoy themselves.  This was the first time our group
has held such an event and also the first time we have had this
particular site to work with, so naturally there were some minor
glitches, but it seemed that in general folks enjoyed themselves and I
hope we can have a similar event in the future.
Congratulations go out to the following gentles who won recognition for
their excellent performance and sportsmanship:
Black Lance tournament winner - L. Laura Greymare
Coeur de Cheval (chivalry) - L. Aislin Bhulbh
Intermediate equestrian winner - Quenthryth of the Laur
Beginner equestrian winner - milord Scott
Coursing Hound winner - L. Reina of the golden hound with One-Eyed Jack
Coeur de Chien (chivalry) - milord William of the greyhounds
Woods battle winner Sir Aelfred
Chivalrous fighter - Sir Aelfred
Best death - Logan's squire, Dag

Also, Reina was awarded her huntsman authorization during this event.
Thanks to all the children who raced so enthusiastically, including
Adrienne and Arielle Munitz, Jenny, Alex, and Kimmie Crow, Suzanne and
Elizabeth Buyers, Alessandro dello Scudo Rosso.  
Thanks to the fine merchants who attended our event, I hope they enjoyed
themselves as much as we enjoyed having them.  Special thanks to Robert
the Fool for his generous contributions of prizes for the children's
races and the speed drinking contest.
Once again, thanks to all who attended and I hope we can host you all
again in the future.

Your humble autocrat,
THL Siobhan Eliot
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