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Feast of St. Dismas/Toys for Tots Tourney

Poster: "Greg Prevost" <gregp@ix.netcom.com>

I posted this yesterday and never saw it come through so if it is a dupe
please excuse the extra post.

November 20-22

    There are still cabins and a number of Feast spaces left for this great
event.  So there is still time to send in your reservations.  You don't want
to miss out on this incredible feast prepared by Graffin Judith.  There will
be roast pig, roast turkey, an incredible soup and much more.  If you have
never eaten Judith's food you are in for a treat.

    There will be tons of melees for both heavy fighters and rapier with
combat archery possible for both.  For the young at heart this will be
"stuff" going on all during the day.  Last year many people said this event
was the most fun they have had in years, come find out why.....

    Also, there will be a Baronial War Practice on Sunday right after
cleanup.  If you are a Baronial Fighter I hope you will stay until Sunday so
we can fight as a Baronial Unit.  If you are from outside the Barony of
Nottinghill Coil we would be most happy if you too would stay and fight
against our forces.

Lord Janos of Cyddlain Downs
Baronial Commander
All around nice guy.

Enclosed find the Acorn Flyer.

Oyez!  Oyez!  Come one, come all, join the Cantons  of Cyddlain Downs and
Falcon Cree as we celebrate the Feast dedicated to the Patron Saint of
Thieves and collect toys for Toys for Tots.  The Feast of St. Dismas is fast
approaching, and there is gold to win (or steal), wenches to woo, and
Gypsies to accost, apprehend, and incarcerate.  I promise that this event
will have enough fighting for the most gung-ho of fighters and fun and games
for young and old.
Did I say fun?  There will be our traditional pouch stealing contest with a
pouch filled with gold coins to the winner (chocolate that is).  There is a
bounty on the heads of all those thieving gypsies who bribed our Baron last
year.  If you have some boffer weapons feel free to bring them, they may
come in handy.  There will be a Jail with a constable for those miscreants
(i.e. gypsies), and thieves who dare to break the law (and get caught).
Rumors abound that the constable’s jailers are quite corrupt and for the
right money they will let you sign out a warrant against someone else and
have them arrested. Of course your victims could bribe their way out and
then do the same to you!
For heavy fighters, first the Toys for Tots Warlord Tourney followed with
the winner and runner-up leading the two teams for the traditional Looting.
But can your team hang onto the gold? There will be combat archery in some
scenarios, so please bring your bows.  Rapier fighters will also be doing
various melee scenario’s including the Bank Robbery.
This year we are also adding a Robin Hood element (take from the rich, give
to the poor- get it?).  We are collecting toys for the Marine Corps’ Toys
for Tots to be presented to those gallant modern-day knights at the Toys for
Tots Demo to be held in Falcon Cree later this winter.  All fighters will be
asked to bring a new, unwrapped toy of approximately $10.00 value for each
event they wish to enter. (I.E. One for Heavy, Combat Archery, and Rapier)
Those non-fighters attending are requested to do like-wise, and those who do
contribute will can request a discount on their site fees at troll.
This will be a below-the-salt event so the feast will be hearty but simple
fare (well, as simple as anything prepared by Grafin Judith von Gruenwald
can be) Absolutely no naked food allowed. (Ask Judith!)  Sorry but this is a
Bone Dry Site, also no animals are allowed.
Fees?  Would we charge our friends?  Well, yes!  This is dedicated to
thievery remember.                    Day-trip, off-board:  $5.  Day-trip
on-board:  $10.  On-site, off-board:  $8.  On-site, on-board:  $13 (mucho
Cabins or camping space available—both tent stands and flat space but get
those reservations in early)!   Under 18 is half price and 5 or younger are
guests of the Canton.  Anyone bringing a toy for the Toys for Tots can, if
they wish, waive the $5 base site fee at troll.  But all advanced
reservations need to send the full amount, any refunds will be given at
troll upon presentation of a toy.
Reservations should be mailed to: Marcia Bryers 120 Turnstone Way, Columbia,
SC 29229.  Make checks payable to Canton of Cyddlain Downs/SCA Inc.  No
phone reservations please, but if you have a question feel free to call the
Autocrat: Lord Janos of Cyddlain Downs (Greg Prevost) at (803) 356-9519,
email gregp@ix.netcom.com, or the Troll at gwee@mindspring.com.
The site is Camp Congaree in Lexington, SC.  The site opens at 5pm Friday
and closes 12 noon Sunday.  From I-20: Take Exit #55.  Turn EAST on Hwy. 6.
After 7.2 miles Hwy. 6 will merge into Hwy. 302.  Continue on this merged
road for ~1 mile until you see the Camp Congaree sign on the right.
(BEWARE - it sneaks up on you) *Turn right onto Crystal Springs Drive.
Follow that for ~1.8 miles and look on your right for Noah Lucas Road
(DIRT-lousy handling).  Turn on Noah Lucas and follow it for ~.6 miles.
Camp entrance (Double fenced gate) will be on your right.  BEWARE!  Noah
Lucas Road is a “circle”, that is, it meets back up with Crystal Springs
Drive, so if you get back to Crystal Springs, you’ve gone too far.
>From I-26: Take #113 -- Turn toward the Airport onto Highway 302.  Follow
302 for 10.2 miles to Camp Congaree Sign on right.  Continue at * above.

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