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Re: Kneeling

Poster: Donald Wagner <polearmed@worldnet.att.net>

Sarah and All!

Michael J. Lonski wrote:
> Dear Lady,
> The Crowns understand and are quick to return courtesy in kind.
> Aedan
> (who made something of a career as royal retainer for awhile :)

Aedan is quite right.  This is a game, after all, and although we take
this game seriously, we(all of us) realize that we have a chance to
overstep our bounds.  When the bounds of the game and very serious
religious belief intersect, your beliefs always win.  Since I have been
here in this kingdom, I have met and known each person to sit the
thrones.  None of these individuals will ever make a "scene" and are all
quite understanding of these principles, as some have their own.  They
don't make a scene over physical problems that prevent bowing and
certainly for religious beliefs.

Being called into the royal court when you aren't expecting anything is
a rush.  The need to plan for it is non-existent.  Simply follow Aedan's
instructions and things will be hunky-dory.

Personally, I like the fact that when individuals do not bow, some of
the new people ask about it.  We get to say something like "maybe they
can't for any number of reasons....it's no big deal".  When someone asks
you, you get to say, "I am Jewish.  Some of us honor the memory of
Hannah and her sons who......".  It is a catalyst for cultural exchange
and a demonstration of our commitment to acceptance of those around us,
along with their differences.  It's really one of the best parts of our
fun little game.

HL Falcone
(who hasn't seen any royal offended in court in 16 years)
(unless you want to count the marshalls court at Pennsic;0)
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