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Re: Kneeling

Poster: "Michael J. Lonski" <mlonski@aclltd.com>

>practice of kneeling in the SCA. After much thought and some discussion
>with my rabbi I have decided although I will reverence, I shall not kneel.

>This has caused a bit of discussion amongst my friends and I. We have
>decided it would be best if I inform whom ever might be calling me into
>court before hand and, if I am called up unexpectedly, rather then cause a
>scene, I would just not happen to be able to come up and send someone in my

Dear Lady,

Please don't throw away your chance to be recognized like this or cause
a different sort of scene with your good intentions.  While I'm not
a Royal Peer, nor do I play one on TV, I have stood behind quite
a number of them during court.  I have yet to see any of them have a
problem with a gentle coming before them, reverencing and then, in a
quite voice just for the crowns, explaining that they can not kneel
because _____ (fill in the blank: religious beliefs, medical problems,
ect...).  This is usually followed by a "I hope you don't mind if
I stand" and a quick response of "Of course, please do stand".

The Crowns understand and are quick to return courtesy in kind.

(who made something of a career as royal retainer for awhile :)

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