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Poster: Sarah Prunier <szprun@maila.wm.edu>

I am so glad that I took the time to read the latest Merry Rose. I'm Jewish
and I have been wrestling of late with the way to resolve my faith with the
practice of kneeling in the SCA. After much thought and some discussion
with my rabbi I have decided although I will reverence, I shall not kneel.

 Kneeling is discouraged, if not forbidden in the Jewish faith for a few
reasons. The one that I find particularly striking is the story of a woman
(I believe her name is Hanna) and her seven sons. This family lived in one
of the periods of Jewish oppression, perhaps in the Maccabees time. Hanna
and her sons were called before the king and ordered to kneel. Each son
then finally Hanna chose death rather then rather then kneel before a king.
I don't think it would be honoring their memories if I kneeled, even in the
context of a game.

This has caused a bit of discussion amongst my friends and I. We have
decided it would be best if I inform whom ever might be calling me into
court before hand and, if I am called up unexpectedly, rather then cause a
scene, I would just not happen to be able to come up and send someone in my

I appreciate the open mindness that has been displayed here. I have
previously received some harsh remarks.

Sarah of Rencester 

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