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Re: Heraldry Submission Help

Poster: Dave Montuori <damont@wolfstar.com>

> I was wondering if anyone out there could tell me the best way to submit my
> name and device.  To whom do I need to send the papaerfork, and is it still
> $10.00 per submissin?  My thanks in advance!

Because this is a question of general interest, I shall answer publicly...

To submit a name or armory, you should contact a local herald. This can be
your local group's herald or deputy, or an at-large herald, or another
warranted herald you meet up with at an event, and so on. All submissions
should be vetted by a local herald first, to eliminate the most obvious
style and admin problems.

You are correct about the fees: $10.00 per element. Resubmissions of items
returned by Laurel or Golden Dolphin are free within one year of the date
of return.

Quick summary of required paperwork... this is what Golden Dolphin needs
to receive, filled out as completely as necessary and possible:

For names -
	2 copies of the appropriate name submission form
	2 copies of documentation from any books not on the "standard
 	   sources" list; include the pages with the info (with
	   page numbers!), the title page *AND* publication info!!!

For armory -
	3 colored-in copies of the emblazon, on the appropriate form
	1 outline copy of the emblazon -- DARK INK, **NOT** pencil

For armory, ONLY if you're using up your zoxcopies of the old forms -
	2 copies of the old name form as a cover sheet

I recommend that the submitter keep copies, as well as the submitting
herald and submitter's branch herald -- just in case forms get lost, it'd
be easier to recover....

Once the submission has been vetted locally, either the submitter or the
consulting herald may send the paperwork+fees on up, whichever suits them.
If you want acknowledgement of the G.D. office receiving your submission,
please enclose a SASE or SASP, I'll mark the date received and USnail it
back to you.

Sorry about the long-windedness. If you have any further questions, feel
free to contact me; however, please be patient as I don't get to check my
email as much as I'd like anymore.

Yours in service,
Evan da Collaureo
Golden Dolphin Herald (Atlantian submissions)

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