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Re: Curved plywood for shields.

Poster: Julien de Montfort <julien@spiaggia.org>

> Now for the construction!  I'm sure I can find flat plywood but as
> have suggested, curved shields balance better.
> Anyone have a notion of where to purchase curved plywood or how to get
> flat plywood to conform to such a shape?

You're unlikely to find "curved plywood" to buy as such, as the primary
reason plywood is made has nothing to do with good shield shapes. :-)

However, if plywood is left out for some time to the elements in the
proper way (such as draped over a couple of sawhorses) then rain and
gravity will do the shaping for you, I'm told.

On the other hand, occasionally a lumber yard will have that happen to
their playwood by accident, and in many cases, they're not very useful.
If you can get a decent raport with them, you might be able to buy the
otherwise-unusable warped sheets at a sizable discount.

There's also more prefessional means of curving wood that deals with
glue and presses and steam and straps and matter transference beams for
all I know, but that stuff's way beyond my meager hardwarish skills...


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