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Re: Curved plywood for shields.

Poster: Donald Wagner <polearmed@att.net>

Logan & Arielle wrote:
> Poster: Logan & Arielle <sirlogan@mail.clt.bellsouth.net>
> Describing the process would be difficult.  However, if you ever make it
> down here (Charlotte NC) I would be, more than, happy to show you my press
> and explain how it works.  Perhaps, even, if you come down to Kingdom 12th
> Night.
> Warmest regards,
> Duke Logan

Long before Logan had leaves, he was our very own Redneck Prince from

You know the Crown Prince is a Redneck if....
 ....he engages in friendly banter with a waitress at a restaraunt and
one or more knights from Trimaris get his surcoat in a wad.

But seriously folks, back then, Redneck Lord Logan from Queens wouldn't
have even thought of using a shield press and might have employed the
following method:

Find a round tree(not all that hard to do)
Then find a round tree round enough to mirror the shape of the curve you
want on your shield (just a bit harder)
Buy a sheet o' 1/4" plywood
Cut two rectangles roughly the size of shield you want
Lay them on the ground next to each other
Find a stray dog with a bushy tail and slather on enough Elmer's glue to
keep Grandma's teeth in(a generous amount, friends) on both sheets o'
Put the gluey sides together to make one sheet o' 1/2" plywood
Take the ratchet straps you use for deerhunting(or a reasonable
facsimile thereof) and wrap those suckers around the tree to dry.
Keep the edges flush when you strap it to the tree.
Could take up to two days for the glue to cure(Depends on rain and how
close the tree is to the keg)
When it is cured, the glue will hold the curve(really!).
Trim it to the shape you want, strap it, cover the edge, and paint
it(Redneck Lord Logan from Queens prefers grey primer)

Really, this works if you don't have anything else, and presses are
sometimes difficult to come by and store.  I will say that Logan's
shields are among the nices blanks I have seen and do have a sweet
curve.  You might do this until you can get some time on his press or
build your own.

TBone's squire Armand has welded a reallt sweet press, but it is in the
thrivingmetropolis of Beloit, WI.  Perhaps Sir Thorbrandr can talk his
squire into giving us the plans.  Hmmmmm?

HL Falcone
(who figures one side of Duke Logan's face has a grin, and the other a
mighty scowl about right now)
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