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minstrel: OOP - my filk attempt

Poster: Josh <dungeon@norfolk.infi.net>

I got a chuckle out of this one. Thought I few of you would like it.

                       By: Gavvin Quinn
                   Tune: Rodeo (Garth Brooks)

          His eyes are cold and restless,his bruises almost healed,
        And she'd give half of Texas, just to change the way he feels.
        She knows his love's in Elfsea, She knows he's goin' away.
     Well, it ain't no woman flesh and blood, it's that damned old SCA!

          CHORUS: It's blows and blood, it's the dust and mud,
                  It's the roar of a tourney crowd.
     It's the white in his belt, the blows he's dealt, Fightin' for the crown.
       It's sword and shield, it's plates of steel, And an enemy to slay.
               It's spurs and a chain, it's the joy and pain,
                   And they call the thing SCA!

        She does her best to hold him, when his love comes to call.
        But his need for it controls him, her back's against the wall.
      And it's "So long girl I'll see you, " when it's time for him to play.
     You know the woman wants her stick-jock, like he want's his SCA!

             It'll drive a fighter crazy, It'll drive a knight insane.
      And he'll sell off everything he owns, just to pay to play the game.
      And a broken home and some broken bones is all he has today.
      For all the years that he's spent chasing this dream they call SCA!


         It's the blows and the blood, It's the Dukes and the mud,>
And they call the thing SCA!

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