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Re: minstrel: OOP - my filk attempt

Poster: "Joyce A. Baldwin" <jocetta@ibm.net>

Yes, quite amusing.  Curious, though -- did you leave "Texas" in there
because you couldn't quite figure out how to get "Anteorrra" to  scan :-)?
(Yes I know Ansteorra includes Oklahoma, too, but I don't know if it has a
Texas only principality.  We really must have a Geography of Foreign Lands
class soon.)


>                                 SCA
>                       By: Gavvin Quinn
>                   Tune: Rodeo (Garth Brooks)
>          His eyes are cold and restless,his bruises almost healed,
>        And she'd give half of Texas, just to change the way he feels.
>        She knows his love's in Elfsea, She knows he's goin' away.
>     Well, it ain't no woman flesh and blood, it's that damned old SCA!
>          CHORUS: It's blows and blood, it's the dust and mud,
>                  It's the roar of a tourney crowd.
>     It's the white in his belt, the blows he's dealt, Fightin' for the
>       It's sword and shield, it's plates of steel, And an enemy to slay.
>               It's spurs and a chain, it's the joy and pain,
>                   And they call the thing SCA!
>        She does her best to hold him, when his love comes to call.
>        But his need for it controls him, her back's against the wall.
>      And it's "So long girl I'll see you, " when it's time for him to play.
>     You know the woman wants her stick-jock, like he want's his SCA!
>                          CHORUS:>
>             It'll drive a fighter crazy, It'll drive a knight insane.
>      And he'll sell off everything he owns, just to pay to play the game.
>      And a broken home and some broken bones is all he has today.
>      For all the years that he's spent chasing this dream they call SCA!
>                          CHORUS:
>         It's the blows and the blood, It's the Dukes and the mud,>
>And they call the thing SCA!
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