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Re: words words words was(RE: Other 12th night events)

Poster: "Joyce A. Baldwin" <jocetta@ibm.net>


I personally have tried to switch from the adjective "mundane" to "modern."
 (Difficult for an old Scadian).

I grant you that any word can be used insultingly but the word "mundane"
has built into it negative connotations, implying that one is dull and
ordinary, whereas modern is a much more neutral descriptive. 

Lady Jocetta Thrushleigh 
(who has succumbed to the extremely polite and respectful pouting of
certain heralds and will henceforth conform to SCA styles of nomenclature.)

P.S.  I've always thought that Feast-O-Crat in place of Head Cook was a
silly term.  Made me feel like a "Feast-O-Matic" piece of equipment :-).
 I will, however, suffer it if the person using it is willing to chop a
sufficient amount of turnips! (or carrots, or, better yet, onions....)

Scripsit Janos: 

>I have to disagree with you Rebecca.  I have found that any phrase can by
>said insultingly if that is the intent.  It is not the phrase but the
>attitude that needs to be adjusted.
>Those "ladies" could of been just as insulting and elitist saying "modern"
>instead of "mundane".

Joyce A. Baldwin
Diva Extraordinaire

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Exchequer, Canton of Buckston on Eno
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