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Re: another latin question

Poster: Rutlands@aol.com

In a message dated 11/22/98 7:29:50 PM Eastern Standard Time,
dungeon@norfolk.infi.net writes:

<< Okay, let's bother the latin buffs again....grin.  I'm trying to form a
 >"battle cry" of "Vengeance from the sea."  My limited knowledge of Romance
 >Languages tells me that "from the sea" would be "de la mer,"  but what is
 >Thanks for any help you can give me.
 ultio ab mare
 Which translate vengence from the sea.
 Tristan ap Elwin
 2 year latin buff in highschool
That's right but a nasty mouthful... In practice the "b" of "ab" was often
dropped before "m".   Ultio a mare is just as correct spoken or written, and a
heckuva lot easier on the mouth.
It also requires CAREFUL pronunciation or you'll end up with something like
"ultio amore", which would be vengeance (by means of, or in,) love...   It's
like a chorus learning Vive L'Amour only to have a REAL French speaker in the
audience cringe at what they hear as "Vivat Death"  (mort)... :-)
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