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Re: words words words was(RE: Other 12th night events)

Poster: Jim Trigg <jtrigg@hoflink.com>

Brenna said in Re: words words words  was(RE: Other 12th night events) at 
22/Nov/1998, Sun 14:17:53.

> Poster: Brenna <sunnie@exis.net>

> Greg Prevost wrote:
> > Poster: "Greg Prevost" <gregp@ix.netcom.com>
> >
> > I have to disagree with you Rebecca.  I have found that any phrase can by
> > said insultingly if that is the intent.  It is not the phrase but the
> > attitude that needs to be adjusted.
> >
> > Those "ladies" could of been just as insulting and elitist saying "modern"
> > instead of "mundane".
> >
> Why don't we just say SCAdian and "given?"  A person's given name is his 
> given
> name in any place or time.

Is "Brenna" not your given name (in a SCAdian sense)?  In Real Life (TM), 
my given name is James and my surname is Trigg.  In the SCA, my given name 
is Blaise and my surname is de Cormeilles.

Blaise de C.
Ponte Alto

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