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Revised 12th Night Flier

Kingdom Twelfth Night
         Their August Majesties, Anton and Luned have commanded that a
celebration of Kingdom Twelfth Night take place in their snow-free lands
of the Canton of the Guardians of the Sacred Stone.  Come join Them in
celebrating this joyous time of year at a Medieval Street Faire, with
entertainment and amusements galore!  Their Majesties have selected
purple and white as the colors of the day.
         Competitions include: Royal Bard hosted by Lady Ysolt la Bretonne , the
preliminaries for the Royal Bard competition will begin at 11am. Royal
Armourer hosted by Baron Heinrich Von Kreiner, Period Dress Accessories
(excluding hats and shoes) sponsored by the Kingdom Arts and Science
Officer Baroness Genevieve d’Aquitaine, Feast Table Decorating (Period
is good, but excess is best!) sponsored by Mistress Jessamyn di Piemonte
(table size 3’ X 9’, we will hold a table for your group of 10 with paid
prereservations), and Best Yule Theme Mask at the Ball.
         There will be dancing to satisfy the most enthusiastic dancer.  A
Carouso Ball will be held in the afternoon and a masked ball will be held in the evening.
 There will also be countless children'sactivities during the day.
        The Order of the Sea Stag will be sponsoring a heavy weapons double
elimination "rose" tournament in the morning. Any weapons form is
allowed, and the winner of each bout will be presented with a rose,
which they may bestow upon the gentle of their choice.  The populace is
also invited to participate in the rapier prize tourney,organized by
Lord Philip Bell, where bidding on your favorite fighter is highly
         The incomparable Baroness Rachel de Johnstone is preparing a savory
feast and lunch will be provided for a nominal fee.  Merchants and
artisans are most welcome.
        Site opens 10am and closes at 10pm. Post revel will be in a ballroom at
the Howard Johnson on Woodlawn Road (See information below) where you
can continue the evening's festivities in the company of good friends.
The site is wet (beer and wine), no original containers please.
         The event site is St. Ann's Catholic Church at 3635 Park Road in
Charlotte NC. We have made a group reservation at the Howard Johnson Inn
at 122 W. Woodlawn Road, Charlotte, NC. Reservations need to be made by
calling (704)-527-1620, no later than December 20, 1998. Mention the
S.C.A. to get the group rate of $47.04 (tax included).  Please mention
whether or not you have made your hotel reservation when sending in your
event reservation.

Directions to the hotel and site:
From the North: Take your best route to I-77 South. Take the Woodlawn
Road exit 6A.  This will put you on Woodlawn Road (the exit forces you
to go right onto Woodlawn Road) and the hotel will be just ahead on your
left, behind an IHOP pancake house.
Site: Continue on Woodlawn 1.2 miles past the hotel to Park Road.  Turn
left.  Proceed .6 miles and St. Ann's is on your right at the corner of
Park and Hillside.
From the South: Take your best route to I-77 or I-85 North.  On I-77
take the Woodlawn Road Exit. Turn right at the top of the ramp and the
hotel will be just ahead on your left, behind an IHOP pancake house. On
I-85 take the Billy Graham Parkway Exit and turn right at the top of the
ramp. Stay on Billy Graham as it will become Woodlawn (when it crosses
I-77). Once you cross over I-77 the hotel will be just ahead on your
left, behind an IHOP pancake house.
Site: Follow the directions to the site above.

Autocrat: Lady Rixende de Rouen (Jhan Knebel)
1600 N. Wind Pl #108 Charlotte, NC 28210
(704)552-8146  rixende@dasia.net

Deputy Autocrats:
Duchess Arielle the Golden (Courtney Hester)
(704) 399-1200 sirlogan@bellsouth.net

Ceara/ Kilmeny (Dominica Harlan)
(704) 556-7173 dharlan@rodgersbuilders.com

 Feastocrat: (Please contact with dietary concerns: Feast does not include ANY mushrooms or nut products, and the vegetable dishes will be vegitarian )  Baroness Rachel de Johnstone (Lisa Adams)  (704) 455-3594

Reservations:  Lady Dryw MacMorcat (Dryw Freed)
5910 Meadowhill Dr.  Charlotte NC 28212
(704) 566-8346 web4539@charweb.org

Merchant & Artisan Coordinator: Baroness Gwynwilf of Sacred Stone  (Beth Roberts) (704) 986-6724  gwynwilf1wolf@yahoo.com  The merchant area is indoors, and merchant/artisan set-up begins at 9:00am.
Please provide the following information:
A) Size of desired set-up
B) Size of minimum set-up
C) Number of people working your booth/display area
D) Any special requirements/needs you might have (We will do our best to accommodate you, but unfortunately will not be able to provide tables or chairs)

Cost: $12.00 with feast, $7.00 without feast. children 6-12 are half price and 5 and under are free
Make Checks Payable to “Canton of the Guardians of the Sacred Stone/SCA Inc.”