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Feast of St. Dismas & Toys for Tots

Poster: "Lewis, Don" <don@infodata.com>

Greetings all from Donald MacGregor

First off I would like to give thanks to Cyddlan Downs & Falcon Cree for the
event this weekend.  Feast of St. Dismas & Toys for Tots was a wonderful
event. The fighting, shopping, and feast were great.  I can not speak to
anything else that happened that day as I spent most of the day on the field
with others fighters going through a series of single combat and melee.  The
day was a great success and I was told of another event Falcon Cree is
hosting on 9-11 of April 1999 at King's Mtn State Park, SC.  Sir Alfred is
again M.I.C.  and has told me some of what they have planned.  Again it
sounds like great fun and would ask that all fighters plan on showing up for
a great day of fighting. 

Donald MacGregor
Ponte Alto
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