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Spiff web art site

Poster: SCAVard@aol.com

Edvard Gayer greets the Merry Rose!

A good Lady-friend Chronicler and Web Mistress from another land passed the
following tidbits of useful information.....please feel free to forward this
to your own group Web Slinger.

Due to the sensitivity of copyright issues and the lack of express permission
to allow these graphics to be used for printed material, I do not recommend
this site as a source for Chroniclers and group newsletters.  If any
Chronicler sees a graphic they wish to use, I strongly urge them to contact
the author directly to secure permission for use.  (And if you're successful,
please let us all know, kay?)

// Vard //

"The key to credibility is sincerity.  Once you can fake that you've got it
> Rarely will I recommend a free art site.. this one is stunning beyond words
> has hundreds of web themes that come with everything from backgrounds, 
> buttons and bars all ready to download and use:
> http://moyra.com/jewels/
> absolutly great for those wanting spiff graphics.
> DEFINITELY check out the Cultural section via the Web Jewels link:
> http://moyra.com/jewels/html/cultural.html
> They have celtic, medieval, renaissance, gothic, dragons, gargoyles and more
> galore!  You really have to explore the _entire_ site and click on
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