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My resignation notice!

Poster: lordkheldar@pop.mindspring.com

>	Unto the Populace of Atlantia, especially Her noble and valorous Duelists,
>does Lord Kheldar the Fleet, Deputy Kingdom Rapier Marshal, send heartfelt
>and warm Greetings!
>	Dearest Friends,	
>	I hope that the winter months are finding you with warm fires and stocked
>larders. Please do me the great service of spreading this missive as far
and wide  >as you can. 
>	It is with only the slightest regret that I announce that as of December
>1st, I am stepping down as Deputy Kingdom Rapier Marshal to Robert, Lord
>Beddingfield, Atlantia's Kingdom Marshal of Fence. Taking my place will be
>Richard, Lord ffauxes, lately of Elvegast in the fair Barony of
>Windmasters' Hill. He has agreed (without too much arm-wrenching at all!)
>to be my replacement, and to assume all duties and responsibilities that I
>carried. He will handle all issues I did, including event reports,
>apprenticeships, and warranting of rapier marshals. 
>	It has been my highest honor to serve this Kingdom in my former capacity.
>Atlantia's Duelists are unequivocally the finest in the Knowne Worlde, and
>woe to he who finds himself on the wrong end of an Atlantian Rapier. I bid
>you all to grant Lord ffauxes the same respect and consideration  which I
>was blessed with from Atlantia's Populace. Never have I been more glad to
>	If you have any questions or concerns, Lord ffauxes is ready and more than
>able to serve you. He has devoted a special email address for concerns of
>fence, and it is <rapiermarshal@yahoo.com>. 
>	Again, I thank you all for the chance to serve, and I look forward to
>seeing you all in the spring. 
>In Service to Her Royal Majesty, Luned of Snowden,
>	Her Royal Highness, Niobe,
>		And my incomparable Baroness, Aileen macDonagh, 
>			I remain
>Lord Kheldar the Fleet, Free Scholar
>NO LONGER! Deputy Kingdom Rapier Marshal, Kingdom of Atlantia
>Minister of the Lists in Training, Canton of Elvegast
>Journeyman Chiurgeon-at-Large
>Cornet Herald-at-Large
>mka Rev. William L. Ham III
>2713 Broadwell Dr.
>Raleigh, NC,27606
Lord Kheldar the Fleet, Free Scholar
Journeyman Chiurgeon-at-Large
Cornet Herald-at-Large

mka Rev. William L. Ham III
2713 Broadwell Dr.
Raleigh, NC,27606

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