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Re: Llewelyn

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In a message dated 11/30/98 1:28:15 PM Eastern Standard Time, cosby@erols.com

> I have a question please.  After King Edward defeated Llewelyn "the
>  Last" ap Gruffyd of Wales and took Llewelyn's principality, he assigned
>  the royal lands in Wales to his heir (the future Edward II) who became
>  the first Prince of Wales.  Does anyone know what year Edward assigned
>  these lands to his son?  Thank you very much in advance.

1277--EdI claimed overlordship of all the Welsh Principalities and sent in an
army to back his claim.  
1283--by this year EdI had effectively conquored Wales.
1301--EdI begins the custom of crowning the heir to the throne "Prince of
Wales."  The border regions become Marcher States, but Wales proper is
governed by the heir to the English throne.  However, their courts and their
laws were Englsih.  Welsh government continues in this fashion until Henry
VIII abolished the seperate Welsh and English govenments and brought Wales
completely under Englsih government in 1534.

Eogan Og
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