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Re: Llewelyn

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<< Wasn't it at the time the child was born?  My vague recollection is that
Edward had promised the Welsh a prince born in their own lands, and had his
wife give birth in Wales so he could name his son prince.  But I could be out
of sequence. 

Legend has it that after Llewellyn was slain, the Welsh came to Edward and
asked him to name them a Prince, one born in Wales of royal blood, who spoke
neither English nor French.

Edward, like many before and since, had his wife with him on the campaign, and
she had just recently borne the young Prince, to whom Edward conducted the
Welsh delegation and announced, that there was their Prince, born in Wales, of
royal blood, and who spoke neither English nor French!  

A good story, and a lesson in being careful what to ask for, but most
historians discount the story . . ..

~Donal Mac Rusiseart, mka Jeb Raitt
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