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Re: Llewelyn

Poster: Sharon Henderson <meli@agent.infodata.com>

>Legend has it that after Llewellyn was slain, the Welsh came to Edward
>and asked him to name them a Prince, one born in Wales of royal blood,
>who spoke neither English nor French.

<nitpick mode>

On behalf of one of my favorite persons in Welsh history, I feel 
it is important to somewhat update this timeline.  :-)

It would have been after the judicial murder of the ACTUAL last native-
born Welsh prince, born of the Welsh royal line -- Dafydd ap Gruffydd,
Llywellyn's youngest brother and heir by direct decree -- that any 
assigning of Welsh lands would have been done.  Dafydd is a fascinating 
and complicated figure in history; if you're interested in novelizations 
featuring him, the late, great Edith Pargeter (of Brother Cadfael 
fame) wrote a stunningly wonderful series of novels on the twilight 
of Welsh independance, which can be found under the banner of "The 
Brothers of Gwynedd Quartet" (or something very like).  Sharon Kay 
Penman has also written about the brothers, but I cannot for the 
life of me remember the titles of the individual books.  Hers are 
also quite good, but the Pargeter version has a truer ring and a 
more period feel, IMHO.

As to the legend, I had heard that Edward promised the Welsh a prince 
who spoke no English, but had not heard about the Queen being on 
campaign with him.  In any case, Edward II was no more a bargain 
than his dad, for very different reasons.  Yerg, what a family!! 

</nitpick mode>

My two cents,

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