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medieval music

Poster: Bob & Diana Cosby <cosby@erols.com>

Another romance writer is seeking medieval music information.  If anyone
knows the answer, I sincerely appreciate it if you could answer her.
Thank you all very much for your time and assistance.
Ha det sa bra & Happy Holidays,
Diana Cosby
Any music history buffs out there?

I have been trying to find out a few more details about the history of
musical notation, largely the origin of the seventh note, and the system
the indication of the length of notes.  Please have patience while I
what I know, and what I need.

According to my sources, an Italian Benedictine monk named Guido of
(c.990-1033) is credited with creating the system of notation for
music.  He named the notes after the first syllables from six lines of a

hymn to St John the Baptist (ut, re, mi, fa, so la).  Each syllable
for one note in the scale.  "Ut" was changed to "Do" around  1600, and
this date a seventh syllable "Si" (Sancte Ioannes, from the seventh line
the hymn) had been added to make the modern eight-note scale (altho
later it
was changed to "Ti").

So, my question is, *WHO* added the seventh syllable "Si" and WHEN? It
to always get glossed over.

As I understand it, Guido also placed the notes on lines (is he the one
called them "staves"?) or in the spaces between so that the relationship

between notes could be defined.  But my sources are again hazy about the

origins of the system for indicating the length of notes.  As I
it, this was not required to sing medieval plainchant, and it wasn't
perfected until after Guido's death.  Again, any idea of by WHOM, and

Any help would be appreciated, and the more simply explained the better
(otherwise I'll have to get my musical 13-yr-old to translate it for me,
that's embarrassing). Thank you very much in advance.  You can e-mail me

Candice Proctor


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