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Plague and the Migration Age

Poster: "Terry L. Neill" <t_neill@hotmail.com>

Lorenzo <detoma@erols.com> writes:
>In Constantinople...the plague was at its most virulent from autumn 541 
until spring 542. ... until autumn 544. 

>...ensuring that subsequent epidemics of the pandemics would recur in
10-to-24-year cycles for the next 200 years. Plague returned from 558 to 
561, again beginning in Egypt, ... It came again from 580 to 582, and 
from 588 to 591,...
>The sixth plague epidemic occurred from 599 through 600. (and all those 
other dates up to 762)

Isn't that the time of the fall of the Roman Empire and the Migration 
Age in Europe?  Someone was asking me about what caused the fall of the 
Roman Empire and I thought it was a combination of internal corruption, 
wasted spending and pressure from the Vandals, Visigoths, etc.  The fact 
of widespread disease did not occur to me.

WAS this one of the causes of the fall of the Roman Empire?  And did the 
decimation (no, that's too mild a word) the ... quadmation ?? of the 
population leave a large population vaccume for the Migrators of the 
Migration Age to Migrate into?


  - Anarra

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