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Re: Henry VII (fwd)

Poster: clevin@ripco.com (Craig Levin)

Eogan Og:

> In a message dated 12/17/98 10:56:47 AM Eastern Standard Time,
> clevin@ripco.com writes:
> > Primus: It takes time-your facility has to look for another
> >  facility which will loan to them, and, naturally, the book must
> >  be taken from its facility to yours.
> True, which can be a factor to consider if you are researching a topic for a
> class or something else where you have a deadline.  But most SCA folks are
> doing research for their own pleasure, so if you have to wait a while for the
> exact material you want it's not that much trouble.  If you do have a
> deadline, just be sure to ask early.  I know of many who wait till the last
> possible day to visit a library expecting to have the material jump out and
> introduce itself.  Then they are dissapointed when they find out it will take
> 3 days or a week to get it.

I suppose I'm used to the relatively swift ILL service that I
experienced as a student in this area. However, it is as you say.
I am engaging in my researches now more out of pleasure than for
a grade, and while it vaguely irks me to have to wait as long as
I do now, it sure beats not having access to it at all.

> Also, many libraries are part of networks that exchange materials freely, at
> no cost.

Very true. If you can get a card at a WRLC library (including
American, GW, and Catholic, but, oddly enough, not Georgetown),
it's good at other WRLC facilities, and the loans between them
are fast and furious.

Craig Levin
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