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Greetings = )

Poster: "Edward B. Harrison" <73340.3004@compuserve.com>

>> I apologize if the title is incorrect. I am a Scadian from the Barony of
Black Diamond. I have an online aquaintance who lives in VA Beach and is
interested in joining the SCA, but doesn't know where to begin, and was a
bit shy about contacting someone he didn't know. Could you please contact
him regarding the SCA and how he can join? I am sure he would feel more
comfortable if someone from his local group contacted him with information.
I thank thee in advance my Lord = )


Chantal deBellevallee of Black Diamond<<

Greetings, Oh Learned One.

Lord is indeed correct, as would be Milord (generic male SCAdian), or Lord
Seneschal. I would be happy to make the aquaintance of any friend of yours,
I'm sure. My name, address, phone, and email are all in the Regnum for just
that purpose (and to make it easier for TPTB to find a handhold on my
scruffy neck, of course!) or, if your friend prefers, you may send me _his_
contact info and I'll pass it on to our Chatalaine, or contact him myself.
I am entirely at your disposal in this matter

Yours in Service to Crown and Coronet

 Lord Morgan ap Harris
 Seneschal (by the Grace of Their Majesties), and
 Champion (for the Honor of Their Excellencies),
 of Marinus, the Barony By The Sea
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