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The Knights Templar

Unto the people of Atlantia. does Master Niall Dolphin send greetings!
  Coming in June 1999, there is to be an event in Ponte Alto called "Siege of Acre", in which the soldiers of Christ will fight the army of Islam over the fate of the holy land. Upon arrival in camp gentles will be asked to choose a side to fight on, after which they will camp either in Christian or Muslim lands. There is to be an independent "enchanted ground" encampment organized for the brothers of the Knights Templar, where we will try to re-create a late 12th century Templar encampment as much as is practical. The purpose of this is to do something very spiff, learn something about medieval history, to have a good time, and to look good doing it.
  For those of you who do not know what the Knights Templar were, I will make a quick synopsis. The Templars organized themselves in the early 12th century to guard pilgrims on their way to Jerusalem in the newly conquered lands of Outreamer. Eventually they were given papal support and they became one of the most important fighting forces that protected the kingdom of Jerusalem. They were a new class of warrior-monk that lived by a rule that included doctrine not only on day to day life, but outlined an order of discipline and drill that made them the best soldiers of their time. When Salidin defeated the Christian forces at the Horns of Hattin, he had all captured Templars killed because they were to dangerous to leave alive. They were severely punished if they fled in battle where the odds were any less then 4 to 1. To die in battle was a straight ticket to heaven. Templars were found all over Christendom, were advisors to great kings and gathered more wealth then even some kingdoms had at the time. They were responsible to no one except the Pope. Their own priest could work beyond the precepts of the Catholic church, even to give Christian burial to the excommunicated.
  Why the Templars? They would time after time take on impossible odds and usually came out victorious. Atlantia, like the Templars, has one of the most feared and disciplined armies in the known world. And we, like the Templars, determine who wins the war.
  We plan to make a Templar camp , displaying the appropriate heraldry and livery of the order. As such only period tents will be allowed in camp. If you do not have one, space will be found for you. We plan to have standard surcoats in Templar colors, white for knight brothers ( for those in the order of Chivalry) and black for sergeant brothers (squires and unbelted fighters) emblazoned with the cross of the order. We will ask you to put aside your normal persona for the day and adopt one of a Templar. There will be a standard pattern for creating the garb of the order if you wish to do it yourself, and there will be individuals who will make the livery for commission. Non fighters are welcome as well, for not all Templars had a fighting role.
If you are interested in this project, we plan to have an organizational meeting at kingdom 12th night, or you can contact Bryce de Byram or myself for more details. It is my hope to teach a history of the Templars at university before the event in June. I can be reached at qusnjt@am1.ericsson.se  , or 919-361-2801 for any questions or insights.
Non nobis domine, sed nomine tuo da gloriam,

Master Niall Dolphin, OL