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HERALDS: Addresses?

Poster: Sharon Henderson <meli@agent.infodata.com>

Gentle Cousins, 

I pray your forgiveness for the splattercast!  :-)

To all Heralds, and to those who know heralds, I address the following.

Firstly: If there was any error on the mailing label for your most 
recent "Herald's Point" newsletter, please let me know by private 
reply (PLEASE don't tell the whole list, for we are soggy and hard 
to light! <g>) and correction shall be made forthwith.  Or at the 
very least, fifthwith.  ;-)

Also:  Does anyone out there know the name and address of the Herald 
for Kestrel's Keep?

C: If you are a warranted Herald and for some reason did not receive 
a newsletter, please let me know....

And finally: the following individuals had their newsletters come 
wandering home, bereft, unable to find their appointed Herald to 
deliver themselves unto.  It is a sad sight indeed, as they hang 
around together in the corner of my study, wishing they had homes 
this holiday season.  So if someone could tell me where the following 
folks have gone off to, I would be in your debt:

Beth McKenzie, Herald-at-Large  
Ben Joyner, Canton of Cyddlain Downs
Chuck Kane, Barony of Caer Mear

Please reply to:




This mission is somewhat time-critical, as the January "Herald's 
Point" goes to press VERY SOON NOW.  

in service and thanks,

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