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Re: RP'ing?

Poster: AEdric the Grene <AEdric@mindspring.com>

>Poster: BlakHat1@aol.com
>How many of you out there caught the medieval bug through D&D?  How many of
>you still play it?  Have your SCA experiences made you a better player or DM
>in your opinion?

I caught, or maybe expressed, the medieval "bug" through AD&D.  It was the
first chance to express what I had already started reading in my mother's
college English books like a Middle English-edition (bit of a hard read for
a child who didn't understand that it wasn't *quite* Modern English) of
Chaucer, the Legend of King Arthur, etc.

I still play it from time to time, but it is so very different from the SCA
that I never think of the two as the same.  I indulge the fantasy elements
in D&D which makes me think more of the fantasy books I started reading in
college (I grew up reading SF).  The SCA is definitely different since it
relies much more on what has actually happened in the historical past and
not so much a "What might have happened if there were magic, psychic
powers, etc." atmosphere.

No, I think my SCA experiences have not made me better.  As I just said,
they are so very different.  I will allow that I am curious about
re-creating some of the more fantastic elements of history, such as
astrologers, alchemists, and the like because of D&D and the like.
However, while I think such re-creations would be fascinating since I
haven't seen anyone do them, I do think there are possible SCA and modern
cultural problems to consider for anyone who is interested in doing such a

AEdric the Grene

House Howling Mouse
Barony of Windmaster's Hill

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