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Re: RP'ing?

Poster: AEdric the Grene <AEdric@mindspring.com>

>Poster: "Erica Stark" <ejstark@hotmail.com>
>Brenda <adendra@Charleston.Net> wrote:
>>RPG'ing paralleled the SCA for a while, and I think I got more into the 
>>role-playing because of it. I even won a couple of awards in D&D 
>>tournaments for it. But, somehow the SCA was better, because we were 
>>recreating the REAL thing (TM)! After moving here to Atlantia, I didn't 
>Weeeel, yes, it's more real than AD&D (or D&D, for that matter), but 
>just how real it really is is a matter of argument.  
>individual looked Bob up and down, and asked "and what the h*ll are you 
>supposed to be?" Bob replied "I'm dressed as one of my characters- Duke 
>X"   <oops- forgot name -Erica>  The fellow drew himself up to his full 
>height, and said "Well, I'm in the SCA, and I'm a REAL duke."
>The moral of this fractured fairy tale is- even Peers can fail to make 
>their rolls sometimes, or- be careful not to bounce your realty check.

"Let's see, let me check my gamemaster's guide for my Reality Check table.
Hmm, Fighter Class, level is Duke.  Minus for intoxication and for
surprise.  Roll a 20-sided.  *waits*  Oh, sorry you missed.  Checking the
Reality Check Failed Results Table.  Rolling percentile for reaction.  And,
we get humour at self-expense with slightly demeaning quality.  You're at a
+1 for social Reactions involving funny things and a -1 for social
Reactions involving anything serious/real for the next two turns.  Plus,
you now have a +5% to people laughing when they realise who you are for for
the length of the con."
							- From the ConGame session
							  the Duke was obviously playing

AEdric the Grene

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