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Atlantian Internal Results, December 1998 (fwd)

Poster: Dave Montuori <damont@wolfstar.com>

[Rabah -- I can't upload binaries on my own right now. I'll try to get you
the WP file on Monday, but otherwise, this will have to do. -Evan]
Unto the Crown and Populace of Atlantia, and all others who read these
presents: greetings from Evan da Collaureo, Golden Dolphin Herald.
REMINDER: As of 1 January, the old forms are no longer valid. All
submissions on old forms will be returned. They will not be checked for
conflict or style problems. The only valid forms are those which say
"College of Heralds of Atlantia" in the top left corner (NOT "Atlantian
College of Heralds" !!!). Please discard any copies of old forms you still
have, or use them for scratch paper.
The December Letter of Intent meeting was held on Sunday, 6 December.
Expected LoI meetings for the further future include Sunday, 7 February;
Sunday, 7 March; and Sunday, 11 April. Unless otherwise specified, Dominus
Herveus and his family will host the meetings in Bowie MD.
Aeddan Ivor. New name and device. Gules, a sheaf of three arrows argent
fletched vert and sable, a chief embattled argent.

Aleksandr Belogorskov. New name and device. Per bend sinister vert and
gules, a bear rampant Or.

Alison McLeod de Ainsley. New name and device. Per pale vert and purpure,
two arrows in saltire Or, overall a wolf's mask argent.

Andrew Roriksson. New name and device. Sable, a bow nocked of an arrow Or.

D{a'}lkr H{a'}lftroll Snjolfsson. Resubmitted badge (ret'd by Laurel May
98). [fieldless] A stag's attires Or issuant from a heart sable.

Denise Duvalier. New name.

Eilis na Ballagh. New name.

Elspeth MacLean. New name.

Eoghan {O'}g Mac Labhrainn. New badge. [fieldless] On a flame Or a
woodsman's head vert.

Gorm of Berra. New name and device. Azure, a dexter hand apaumy within an
orle of eight fetterlocks argent.

Julien de Montfort. Change of device. Pean, a chief indented argent.

Julien de Montfort. New badge. [fieldless] A leonine sagittary passant

Kyneburh Boithuile. Change of device. Per bend argent and azure, a mullet
of eight points counterchanged, a bordure sable quatrefoily argent.

Marinus, Barony of -- Award of the Sandpiper. Resubmitted badge (ret'd by
Atlantia Jan 98). Per pale vert and azure, a mermaid and a merman playing
flutes within a bordure argent.

Marinus, Barony of -- Award of the Water Lily. Resubmitted badge (ret'd by
Atlantia Jan 98) of Resubmitted badge (ret'd by Laurel Nov 96). Per pale
vert and azure, in cross four lotus blossoms affronty argent.

Medb ingen Bhrain. New name and device. Per chevron azure mullety Or and
argent, a decrescent argent and a tree couped vert.

Moira Glanny. New badge. Azure, a demi-hare erect argent issuant from a
bowl Or.

{O/}pi V{a'}li. Resubmitted device (ret'd by Atlantia Jan 98). Azure, a
wheel within a bordure Or.

Rhiannon of Berra. Resubmitted device (ret'd by Atlantia Jun 98). Azure, a
bend sinister between two unicorns couchant reguardant respectant argent.

S{e'}amus {O'} Cuile{a'}in. New badge. A cross formy convex Or.

Teresa de Le{o'}n. New name.

Tonwen ferch Morien. New name.

Uilliam MacCloskey. Change of device. Ermine, a bear passant, on a chief
sable three roses argent barbed vert seeded Or.

Yarnvid, College of. Change/correction of name from Yarvid (no N).
Marinus, Barony of -- Award of the Sea Fan. Resubmitted badge (ret'd by
Atlantia Jan 98) of Resubmitted badge (ret'd by Laurel Jun 96). Per pale
vert and azure, a fan within a bordure argent. (conflict)

Quhinten O'Fidhne. New name. (name style)
We will have a consult table at Unevent, space permitting. If anyone wants
to stop by and discuss submissions or the current status of the Golden
Dolphin office, I'll be either at the table or in a meeting. Until next
month I remain yours in service,

Evan, Golden Dolphin.

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