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Dance Practice - Weather Update

Poster: SCAVard@aol.com

I am sending copies of this to multiple lists, and certain folks are likely to
get this more than once.  My apologies for the redundancy.

Yes, we've been paying attention to the weather forecasts for today and
Sunday.  The local forecasters have been declaring that the sky is going to
fall for about 36-48 hours now, even though we've yet to see a flake of snow
hit the ground from this "monster" storm.  I am reluctant to cancel dance
practice without seeing at least SOME precipitation, be it snow, freezing
rain, or what-have-you, but it is prudent to at least say the following:

If the weather is bad, do NOT come to dance practice, 'cause we won't be

If we *do* cancel it, something will be posted to the net immediately.  If you
are uncertain, you can call me at home (301-737-0437) or you can call the site
(410-257-2554) to see if it's been canceled.  But even if we don't cancel, you
should stay home if you're uncomfortable driving in whatever weather we do end
up getting.  After all, there will be another practice in two weeks.

Admittedly, being from the Midwest, I *like* snow, and my tolerance for bad
weather is probably a tad out of skew with the people I now call my neighbors.
I am loathe to cancel something that promises to be this much fun just because
some bubble-headed bleach-blonde on the local TV station is declaring the end
of the world to be neigh.

But then again, maybe I'm just crazy.

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