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First Northern Regional Dance practice

Poster: Ryan W Snead <rsnead@osf1.gmu.edu>

Greetings to all the gentles of the Merry Rose,

Today, the first Northern Regional Dance practice was held in Chesapeake
Beach, MD -hosted jointly by the Baronies of Dun Carraig and Lochmere.
This the same practice advertised by Vard here at the Merry Rose last
year. In my singular opinion, it was a fantastic success. The site is
beautiful, right next to a marina overlooking the Bay. The facility was 
very pleasant, and the staff quite helpful. The only strange turn of
events was that for some time we had more lords than ladies present.

So, to milord Vard of Dun Carraig (?), our organizer and host, the several
dance masters and mistresses, and all the dancers:
	Vivat! Vivat! Vivat! Good show!!

I would also encourage all interested gentles to come and join the next
practice in two weeks time. Same Flying Fish time. Same Flying Fish
channel. (Sunday, Jan. 17, 1-3pm'ish)

William of Rencester
current resident of the Dale of Anon
Barony of Ponte Alto

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