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RE: Pennsic Seneschale's Court and Requirements This Year

Poster: "Brett W. McCoy" <bmccoy@lan2wan.com>

On Wed, 6 Jan 1999, Becky McEllistrem wrote:

> The fact is, that Pennsic is gotten to be such a huge monster to manage
> that the rules are getting to be too much.  I don't like seeing elf ears
> but I understand it.  I tolerate it but if the subject comes up THEN I
> mention it's not SCA.  I also understand when someone spends their vacation 
> in a murderously hot summer spot and wants to wear a bikini.  Pennsic is so 
> huge that those involved in such rule-breaking don't break the mood for me.
> I always liked the fact that we discourage elf ears verbally but tolerated 
> it because any large group always attracks its share of fantasy types.  I 
> don't see a reason for a special court over it.  I worry that the Period
> Police are getting a bit out of control. 

Perhaps I am interpreting the letter wrong, but I was under the 
impression that the garb issue was going to be a matter of each 
attendee's honor, based upon this statement:

"Please note that for this requirement only, we are depending on the 
personal honor of attendees for compliance. 

"We urge gentles who are confronted with the dress of those who fail to 
comply with these standards to courteously remind them that this is not
the game we are playing here."

A lot of people seem to be focusing on this issue, but I think the main 
problems the seneschals are trying to address are the more serious 
issues that does get one kicked off site, such as underage drinking, 
improper fire maintenance, letting young kids out of camp after dark, too 
much noise when quiet hours are in force.

I am myself worried that this is going to be used to further people's 
political agenda, but I am trying to stay optimistic about it.  The fact 
that these policies are being enacted is only telling me they haven't 
been adequately handled in the past.

Istvan Dragosani
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