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RE: cheap fabric

Poster: gregory.stapleton@funb.com

One place you can find good cotton fabric at this price year round is
WalMart.  Sometimes, like in anything else, selection is better than at
other times.  I've seen my Lady Wife, a few times, get beautiful velvet or
velveteen there for 2.00/yd.  You just have to hit it right.
Gawain Kilgore

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> Hey, Julian!!!!  You have obviously been holding out on all of us! ;->
> ****Where**** are you doing your fabric shopping and ******why******
> aren't
> you sharing this info?  ;->  Seriously, I haven't seen decent (read, not
> ugly reject-bin junk) woven fabric for that price in years.  If you know
> of
> a source, I really want to know who, where and how to get there, and I
> suspect everybody else on this list does too.  'Fess up!
> Elen Prydydd
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