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Re: cheap fabric

Poster: Eli White <eliwhite@home.com>

>>Well, not to be rude about it, but, jeez, if she can't afford enough
>>cheap $1.06/yard material to make a simple t-tunic, 
>****Where**** are you doing your fabric shopping and ******why****** aren't
>you sharing this info?  ;->  Seriously, I haven't seen decent (read, not
>ugly reject-bin junk) woven fabric for that price in years.  If you know of
>a source, I really want to know who, where and how to get there, and I
>suspect everybody else on this list does too.  'Fess up!

I feel he was talking about the 'standard' - "I'm making my first garb
fabric".  Not nice stuff.

You can OFTEN find $1.00 - $1.50 yard solid color or striped cotton fabric
in the bargin bin at WalMart.  And its even most of the time 100% cotton
(of course it is also often 70/30 cotton/poly, but at least its not the
other way around *smile*)


Siegfried Sebastian Faust       Web Minister, Shire of Highland Foorde
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