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Re: Pennsic Seneschale's Court and Requirements This Year

At 10:11 AM 1/6/99 -0500, you wrote:
I think we might lose the chance to educate many fantasy types.  Consider a Laurel from Atlantia (now in the Middle) started her SCA career wearing a fur bikini and a cloak.  She stayed, she learned, etc........

The page does mention that people will be given a warning first (and knowing the SCA, there would be more than one warning before action would be taken) ...

But it does mention that fact ... as well as the fact that gentles should simply remind people that that isn't the game we are playing ...

That means that someone showing up in a fur bikini and a cloak would probably be told by a few passersby that she isn't wearing period clothes, probably knowing the goodnaturedness of SCAdians someone might even offer to loan her a T-Tunic and some Poofy Pants.  If she continued to wear it she would probably happen along an 'official enforcer' who would notice her, tell her she isn't wearing pre-17th century garb, and give her a warning, telling her to find some other clothes to wear ...

Only if then, like say the next day the 'official enforcers' see her AGAIN, and she is STILL wearing the fur bikini, would she be given the 24 hr notice to appear in front of Seneschals Court.

At least, that is the way that I read the web page, perhaps others implied differently, but this is how I read it, which at least I don't see a problem with (yet).

And this still allows people to become 'educated' as was described above (and maybe speeds up the process)


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