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Re: Pennsic Seneschale's Court and Requirements This Year

Poster: Heather Swann <heather@pop.net>

> There's another problem.......what if I tell you that this person in
> fact did research on what the Celts wore, and from Roman sources
> gleaned that they wore what she's wearing?

Further, let's say that she's a poor college student and doesn't have
money for garb and no one in her camp does either.  Are we going to be
anal about this sort of thing?  I hope to heck not....

And, of course, is someone going to say modern shoes can't be worn?  I
have an 8 1/2EEE shoe size.  I've been trying to work out affordable
shoes for years that fit my feet and don't cause me foot problems.
I can't afford $600 boots.  Ain't happenin'.  The best I can do is black
leather loafer-like things off which I've cut modern buckles and stuff.
I can't afford to buy shoes at Pennsic should someone take offense.

Further, I would find such authenticity police really jarring and it
would break up my sense of things seeming period.  Could I haul them
into the seneschals' court for that?  ; )

I suspect (and I hope I'm wrong) that this is the thin end of a



> I think we might lose the chance to educate many fantasy types.
> Consider a Laurel from Atlantia (now in the Middle) started her SCA
> career wearing a fur bikini and a cloak.  She stayed, she learned,
> etc........
> The page does mention that people will be given a warning first (and
> knowing the SCA, there would be more than one warning before action
> would be taken) ...
> But it does mention that fact ... as well as the fact that gentles
> should simply remind people that that isn't the game we are playing
> ...
> That means that someone showing up in a fur bikini and a cloak would
> probably be told by a few passersby that she isn't wearing period
> clothes, probably knowing the goodnaturedness of SCAdians someone
> might even offer to loan her a T-Tunic and some Poofy Pants.  If she
> continued to wear it she would probably happen along an 'official
> enforcer' who would notice her, tell her she isn't wearing pre-17th
> century garb, and give her a warning, telling her to find some other
> clothes to wear ...
> Only if then, like say the next day the 'official enforcers' see her
> AGAIN, and she is STILL wearing the fur bikini, would she be given the
> 24 hr notice to appear in front of Seneschals Court.
> At least, that is the way that I read the web page, perhaps others
> implied differently, but this is how I read it, which at least I don't
> see a problem with (yet).
> And this still allows people to become 'educated' as was described
> above (and maybe speeds up the process)
> Siegfried

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